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Are There Any Acai Berry Side Effects?

Are there any known acai berry side effects? This is one of the most common questions asked by people who are considering taking acai berry supplements. There are many other questions people have about acai as well and you can find answers to all your questions by visiting our acai berry information section.



Are there are any acai side effects? The short and simple answer to this is no!


Acai berry itself is just a fruit like any other fruit such as apples or bananas. You don’t expect to experience any side effects from eating apples or bananas, do you? The only difference between apples or bananas, however, is that acai berries won’t be found at your local super market.

It’s only found in the Amazon and perishes very quickly so it must be consumed almost immediately after being picked. The only way to get acai berry then is to get it in supplement form whether it be frozen acai pulp, acai berry powder, juice, or a number of other forms. And therein lies the problem.



Most companies load their supplements with other ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, or whatever else they can dream up. It’s these other ingredients that have the potential to produce unwanted side effects to acai berry supplements.


The key then to avoid any acai side effects is to stick with pure acai berry supplements such as those recommended on our best acai berry products page. As long as you stick with these brands or similar brands that contain 100% pure acai berry, then most people will not experience any side effects.

Having said that, it is always wise to consult your doctor whenever you start a new supplement program – especially if you have any medical conditions, are taking prescription drugs, are pregnant or nursing, or have hereditary conditions such as asthma or allergies. To date however, there are really no known drug reactions to taking 100% pure acai berry supplements nor are there any serious acai side effects.

There are no daily requirements established for acai berry supplements, but our research shows that the recommended daily dose is from 1,000 to 4,000 mg, depending also on the concentration of the supplement you are taking. This range of dosage though, is still way below what the residents of Brazil’s Amazon have been eating for the past hundred years or so with little to no known side effects.



While there are no side effects of acai berry, some individuals with pollen allergies have reported that they exhibited slightly aggravated allergic reactions from it.


The cases may be few and far between and the effects minor, but these are still worth noting as some of you might be having this same inherent health condition.

In addition to traditional supplement form, other forms of acai berry include puree and juice, which are mainly produced by mashing fresh acai berries. In these forms, there are also no identified side effects of acai berry. But because fruit juice can be consumed in extremely large amounts, it is possible for some to experience mild diarrhea. This effect however, is not unlike one’s reaction to other foods when taken in excess.

What consumers should be wary about is when some companies eager to make easy money out of the popularity of acai will come out with their own supplements, juices, and preservatives that are not made up of 100% pure acai berry.

Some known fillers to acai products are guarana, other fruit juices, and sweeteners. When mixed with these ingredients, it is possible for acai to have side effects. In addition, buying less than 100% pure acai will also lessen the health benefits that can be derived from the supplement.

As a last note, let me emphasize the importance of buying products or supplements consisting of 100% pure acai berry such as those sold by Perfect Acai. This is the only way that you can be sure not to experience any acai berry side effects.