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100% Organic & Fairly Traded Acai

Perfect Acai supplements are made with 100% Freeze Dried, Organic and Fairly-Traded Acai from a region in the Amazon Rainforest where they are able to freeze the berries within 12 – 18 hours after harvesting. To obtain the optimal nutrient content of the Acai Berry with the highest ORAC values we are using the latest technology for freeze-drying.

Our mission is to protect the Amazon Rainforest and improve the lives of the people living there. We have established a true partnership with the indigenous people of the Amazon. This is a collaborative effort that benefits everyone. No acai trees are damaged in the production of our product and the indigenous people profit more from harvesting the berries than they would from chopping down the trees for lumber. Fairly traded means that the locals are paid a fair wage for harvesting the Acai berry fruit.

Preserving and Improving Local Communities

Our supplier is able to maintain the natural balance in these communities by cultivating a continuing supply of their natural resources. They introduce sustainable and self-sufficient business models in the areas they do business and provide year-round employment.

Supporting Social Responsibility

The local people use everything the rainforest has to offer, including the seeds that are a byproduct of the fruit industry. Our supplier helped to initiate programs where the seeds are used in cottage industries to create environmentally friendly jewelry.

Protecting the Planet

We firmly believe that we are helping to protect the planet by making it more profitable for the local people to preserve the rainforest, than to cut down the forest and sell it as lumber.

Estimated preservation reached 15,000 acres in 2008, and is expected to reach 20,000 acres in 2010.

Is Acai a Perfect Ingredient?

Yes it is, and we have the documentation to prove it.