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Boost Your Liver The liver plays many important roles in keeping a person healthy. It helps in getting rid of harmful particles from the bloodstream and helps digest food. When a person overeats, eats processed foods often or the body becomes exposed to the different environmental pollutants or stress, the liver can become overworked. When the liver is overloaded, it is difficult...

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Truth About Teas There are people who are tea dependent and they believe that tea gives them a boost of energy after a stressful day. Tea comes with a number of benefits and there’s no denying its advantages for health and its usefulness when you know what other stuff you can do with it. Drinking tea is not new and in fact it’s existed for thousands of year. Back as far as the early Chinese dynasties. In the ancient Chinese times, drinking tea is a tradition and not only for certain occasions. The Camellia Sinensis (tea) leaves were used as...

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Fluoride Effects We’ve been taught since we were kids that fluoride can help strengthen our teeth and protect them. Children were asked to brush their teeth with fluoride and this chemical was even added to the public water supply or most commonly known as “fluoridated water”. Not too many people have knowledge on how damaging the effects of fluoride can be...

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Dangers of Soy Did you know that genetically modified plants such as soybean, corn, cottonseed and canola contain foreign genes that are forced into their DNA? These genes come from bacteria and virus species, one that has never been in the human food supply. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are dangerous to the health. It has been linked to thousands and...

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Benefits of Eating Liver What are the health benefits of eating liver? It sounds daunting to say that one can benefit from eating liver. Not everyone eats liver, in fact others find it gross eating organ meats. However, liver is an exception especially when sourced from healthy, grass fed organic meats. Liver is loaded with a wide spectrum of proteins...

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