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If done the right way, smoothies can be a glass of wellbeing, however, if done the wrong way, they can do just the opposite! Today I am here to give you the facts when it comes to this popular beverage... Smoothies can be nutrient-dense when done correctly, meaning, they give you a whole lotta extra nutrition that you may not have got otherwise. Think about it this way... With a smoothie, you can get all the good fats, fibre, healthy carbs (or reduce carbs for keto), fruits and veggies and antioxidants, enzymes and energy in just one glass!  Smoothies make...

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Healthy Smoothies, Smoothies -

Who doesn't want skin that glows with radiant health and vibrancy? I don't think anyone would say no to that!  Considering that our skin is our body's largest organ, it makes sense that what we feed our body internally, will have a huge impact on its condition and overall appearance. Our skin requires certain nutrients to be at it's best and one way to get in the nourishment it needs is to incorporate a daily healthy skin-loving smoothie into your repertoire! 😊 I'm a big believer in smoothies and if you follow me on Instagram or you already have my...

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There are lots and lots of healthy ingredients you can put into your smoothie these days for sure. Everything from raw cacao, nuts, berries, tahini, gojis, chia seeds, nut butters, frozen/frozen, veggies fresh/frozen fruits, tofu, dates, herbs, avocado, pulses, seeds, ginger, turmeric, coconut milk/cream, coconut water, yoghurt, oats, other super foods and so much more! The list can be at times I totally feel you and sometimes you may feel stumped for ideas. It's also really important to mention, that your smoothie should be balanced so you make the most of this opportunity to get exactly what your body needs...

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