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Connection, Libido, Passion, Sex -

As we get older, sex should still be an important part of our lives. I really don't use the word "should" too much but it's kinda crucial here. Not only does it improve our connection to our partner/mate and gives us pleasure (pleasure is not  a dirty word by the way), but it's also vital for our health, wellbeing and longevity*. *According to a study found in psychoneuroendocrinology, having sex once a week may increase the length of your telomeres (telomeres are an important part of your DNA and play a role in the ageing process - the shorter they...

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Female Libido, Sex -

 Ladies, let’s talk about sex. Or more to the point, lack thereof.  Decreased female libido may be less stigmatized by society than male, but it is nevertheless a source of unpleasant emotions for the women who experience it -and almost all of us women have, do, or will.  From confusion to frustration to embarrassment to feeling emotionally isolated, decreased sexual appetite for women is often a source of concern. Why We Aren’t Always ‘On’   Photo by Michael Prewett on Unsplash   There are a few reasons behind decreased female libido, but the two most common reasons boil down to these root causes:...

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