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Pyroluria, Pyrrole Disorder -

Part 2 - Pyrrole Disorder IS a Real Condition Recently I was on the net doing some more research on Pyrrole Disorder and I found this Dr tearing down Pyrrole disorder, saying that it's not a real condition. This made me feel very upset, I mean what on earth does he even know about it?  It also made me suspicious as to his intentions, seeing that Western Medicine still hasn't recognised Pyrrole disorder as a real condition and it may never be taught in med school or written about in medical text books because it's a nutrient deficiency and cannot...

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Kryptopyrrole's, Pyroluria, Pyrrole Disorder -

Part 1- You're Not Going Crazy A few years ago I was diagnosed (by my naturopathic doctor) with Pyrrole Disorder. This condition is still very much unrecognised by western medicine and may remain this way for a very long time, if not forever... This is because you don't treat Pyrrole's with drugs but rather nutrients. So What Is Pyrrole's Exactly? Pyrrole's disorder, also known as Pyroluria, Kryptopyrrole's, Krytopyroluria and Mauve Factor is a blood disorder where the abnormal synthesis and metabolism of haemoglobin occurs. The condition is often genetic but can also be caused by other factors like stress, trauma...

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