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Say Goodbye to Constipation Forever! Being backed up is a real bummer. Thankfully, there are incredible, fast-acting natural supplements for constipation that can get things moving, no drastic measures required. What is Constipation? While it’s quite common to have a day or two where you don't have a bowel motion, if your bowel movements number three or less per week and are hard and lumpy, then you’re likely constipated. 😳🚽 Common signs and symptoms of constipation include bloating, lack of appetite, feeling full after eating very little, as well as fatigue and nausea. The straining that's part and parcel of...

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The Mystery of Leaky Gut A leaky gut is a medical diagnosis still largely shrouded in mystery. Most doctors will diagnose you with a leaky gut if you suffer from symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramps and food sensitivities for which no other cause has been established. Often, patients diagnosed with leaky gut complain from aches and frequent pains...


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