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With Sober October upon is, it's a great time to think about why and how to give up alcohol for a month. For some people, swearing off tippling is easy but for many others, getting a handle on how to give up alcohol can be considerably more challenging. This difficulty could stem from many reasons, including but not limiting to these: You are used to having a drink every day, and have created a habit.  You use alcohol to cope with chronic stress and negative emotions. You have an alcohol dependency or rely on it for confidence in social situations...

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What Is Oestrogen Dominance and Its Connection to Weight & Alcohol One fine Saturday afternoon after a very busy work week, you find yourself chilling out with a bottle of wine – or two. Good friends, or maybe it’s with family? Everything felt so perfect you didn’t even notice you’ve been drinking a lot more than you should. More often than not, this scenario has rapidly become a go-to routine whenever we feel too fed up with work – or life in general. But did you know that too much booze can mess up our hormones? The significance of the...

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