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You’ve probably heard of collagen, especially because of its anti-aging benefits, but you probably don’t know the difference between hydrolyzed or type II collagen. If it all sounds a bit like gibberish, let’s break it down so we can find out whether hydrolyzed or type II collagen is the perfect fit for you!   Considering Collagen? As we age, it’s no secret that the youthful glow we remember from our twenties starts to fade, this is because we produce less collagen — putting us at a deficit. To counterbalance that deficit, taking collagen supplements has become a favourable way to...

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Wondering how to make resveratrol more bioavailable?  Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine, grapes, peanuts, and some berries and it’s known for its high antioxidant properties. There’s plenty of research on the potential health benefits of resveratrol, and the results speak for themselves.  Resveratrol has been shown to have so many positive potential health effects, from helping to treat* and prevent* cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases to even inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.  Unfortunately, resveratrol is metabolized so quickly by humans that it’s important to figure out how to make resveratrol more bioavailable so that your body can...

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Most of us who enjoy a glass or two of wine know about the health benefits of resveratrol. Found in the skin of grapes (as well as many berries, plants and peanuts), resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant. This amazing compound protects your body against cellular damage (including excess inflammation), which can consequently prevent heart disease and cancer. It can also lower bad cholesterol and increase energy levels and focus, all the while helping to support healthy, supple skin, muscles and joints. While resveratrol is found abundantly in wine (red wine specifically), the many benefits of resveratrol are unfortunately undercut...

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There's a list a mile long when it comes to supplements, ingredients etc. that are proven to be beneficial for healthy skin and it sure can be overwhelming sometimes right? I'm feeling you. There's so much advice out there when it comes to what you should be doing/taking for your skin but sometimes less is actually more... How so? Stay with me here for a moment... If you looked in just about any women's bathroom vanity you'd find an array of various skin care products, lotions and potions and some of which overpromise and underdeliver!  And then you move to...

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