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Hi there, my name is Tammy Rice and a few years ago, my husband Jason and I started using a brand of supplement which at the time I’d not heard about. A friend put us onto it and I’m so thankful that he did because we absolutely love the products and what the brand stands for. Perfect Supplements are  wholefood supplements that are produced by a family company who have very strong values. We both really admire and respect what they stand for and of course, the products too!

The products are a whole food supplement, meaning they are just that; the whole part of the plant/fruit/herb/root milled down into a fine powder (with absolutely nothing else added) and either encapsulated into a vegetable cellulose capsule or in a powder form that can be added to your daily smoothies.

Perfect Supplements don’t contain any fillers, binders, flow agents, artificial or synthetic ingredients (making them more absorbable and better for you). They are non-GMO, Certified Organic and Natural (without the ‘green washing’ that goes on with many so-called “natural” products. They are gluten-free, Eco-friendly and Fairly-traded, which is super important because they are helping the workers, their families and their communities. ♥

They test all of their products for purity and heavy metals so you can be assured that they are completely safe for human consumption. You can find the various certifications on the site.

Today I wanted to do a Vlog (video blog) to talk a bit about what I have said here and to show you who we are (Perfect Supplements Australia) and why we love these products so very much. We loved the products that much, that we decided we wanted other Aussies to experience them too. We knew in our hearts that by bringing them to Australia, we could get them out there in a much bigger way and potentially change people’s lives. I even had a woman write to me one day to tell me that one of the products she had purchased for her father (who had been not well and living life as he should be). Her father loved to play lawn bowls but since his energy was fading he no longer could play. Until he started taking the Perfect Revive. She told me that after taking the capsules for a few weeks, he was back to his old self again and loving life.

When she told me this I felt so over the moon with joy and satisfaction. To know that the products that I believe in were having such profound affects on people’s lives was just so heart-warming and inspiring. This is why I’m in this business, to me I’m not in the ‘supplement business’ – I’m in the business of making people’s lives better.

There are so many wonderful products to choose from that can help with everything from energy, mental clarity/memory to boosting metabolism and improving leptin-resistance thus helping with weight loss, anti-ageing, menopause, sexual function, heavy metal cleansing and much much more.

Anyway, below is the video. I hope you enjoy

Please feel free to leave a comment and share this video with anyone who you think could benefit from this wonderful range of wholefood supplements.

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