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My Excruciatingly Painful Experience with Kombucha!

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My Excruciatingly Painful Experience with Kombucha!

I know it's very popular and even kind of trendy to drink kombucha these days but I just want you to know, like all fermented products they may not be for everybody!

And before you get annoyed with me and start throwing Kim Chi at me, please listen to what I've got to say...

While it is known that fermented foods and beverages can be highly beneficial to a person's gut, they can also be very irritating and cause unpleasant reactions for some (myself included)

I am not really too sure why, but when I have eaten certain fermented foods in the past, I have always had some negative consequence later on, such as bloating like I'm 7 months pregnant, pain, gas and discomfort. It may have been Kim Chi, sauerkraut, or kombucha. I seem to be ok with kefir and yoghurt products?

So anyway, back to my story...

It was a regular Wednesday night (well sort of, I was busy doing work on my computer) and because my husband doesn't cook and I was super pre-occupied, we decided that a healthy take-away would be the best option. We get these healthy pre-made meals from our local store, they're called YouFoodz and they're the perfect portion size!

I digress...

Ok, so Jason bought us a drink for after our meal and it's funny because I knew full well that my body doesn't go well on kombucha, yet I still chose to drink it? What the?

Later that night while asleep I was awoken to the most excruciating pains in my tummy, pains so bad I thought for a second I was dying or something. Not sure why but for a moment I had a complete lapse in memory, completely forgetting about the kombucha I'd had earlier.

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The feeling was like no other IBS symptom I'd had in the past, it was way worse! It was like someone was twisting my insides like they were wringing out water from a towel. 

I thought to myself "maybe I just need to go to the bathroom and that will relieve this"? So I dragged myself to the loo and not sure how I ended up on it as I was literally in agony but I got myself there. I sat on the loo and nothing, not even the slightest toot.

This feeling of heat came over my whole body and this flawed me to a foetal position on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor where I lay for a while. I tried to get Jason's attention for help by yelling out to him but he didn't hear me, so I picked myself up and carried myself to the bed where I passed out eventually.

The following day I felt ok but I could still feel a bit weird in the tummy. I'm pretty sure I've learnt my lesson, NO MORE KOMBUCHA!! ha ha ha 

But on a more serious note, the point of this blog and Vlog (below) is to remind you to always check in with your body after you eat or drink anything. While yeah there are some trends out there that are really great and are great for most people, they may also not be right for you?

Learn to listen to the signs and signals your body tries to give you and avoid things that don't agree with you. It's that simple.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and be sure to check out my Vlog below.  

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