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Healthier Easter Eggs

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Healthier Easter Eggs

When I think of Easter, I think of family, I think of camping and easter eggs hunts and of course... chocolate easter eggs!

Sometimes camping is not an option (if you know what I mean?) so maybe all we can do is camp in our backyard? 🏕😊

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If we're not careful, easter can leave us with a sugar hangover...

It doesn't have to be this way, easter can be fun and indulgent without the regret, all you need is a good healthy easter egg recipe that everyone will enjoy and this recipe is a great way to sneak in extra health benefits and no one will be any the wiser 🩉

I decided to create two different recipe options so you can choose which one suits your needs better, the vegan option (this one is, of course, the healthier option as it doesn't contain any refined sugar or dairy). The other option is the sweeter version and uses white chocolate buttons (this is the quicker, easier option but not as healthy, but still much healthier than any store-bought choccie easter eggs!)đŸ«đŸ„š

So you will see, there are a few options with extras you can add to "healthify" these eggs, just choose the ones that interest you. :-)

    • Matchinga (matcha & moringa blend) Easter Eggs 
    • Matchinga & Collagen Easter Eggs
    • Matchinga, Collagen & Raspberry Easter Eggs
    • Matchinga, Collagen, Raspberry & Macadamia Easter Eggs
    • Spirulina & Raspberry Easter Eggs
    • Acai & Raspberry Easter Eggs
    • Cacao & Raspberry Easter Eggs

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Healthy Chocolates (vegan)


  • Cacao Butter 250g
  • Coconut Butter 250g
  • Maple Syrup 4 tbsp
  • Vanilla bean paste 1 tsp
  • Himalayan Salt pinch of


*Use Organic Ingredients where possible

*See how to dehydrate raspberries below

Add Hydrolyzed collagen 1-2 scoops if you're not a vegan and looking to add more protein, amino acids and potential health benefits such as anti-aging, skin, gut health and more!


  1. Melt down the coconut butter by adding it to a ramekin or something similar and popping into a warm, pre-heated oven at about 150c until melted
  2. Half-fill a medium-sized saucepan and then place a glass/pyrex bowl on top and boil the water
  3. Chop up the cacao butter to small bits then add them to the glass bowl along with the maple syrup and let them melt down, being sure to continually whisk or stir until well-combined
  4. Add in the coconut butter, vanilla & salt and any of the above flavour combinations you like and then whisk well (except for the dehydrated raspberries)
  5. If adding raspberries or macadamia nut, be sure to add these into the easter egg moulds first and then spoon the melted chocolate over the top until the chocolate reaches the top
  6. Pop into the fridge overnight or for a few hours, take out of moulds and store in an airtight container and repeat the process using same flavour combination or different if you want to mix things up!

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Healthy-ish Chocolate Easter Eggs

Note: these chocolates contain refined sugar so if you're trying to avoid RS then please refer to recipe above as the vegan recipe is the healthier option. 


  • White chocolate buttons 2 x 225g bags
  • Dark Chocolate buttons 1 x 225g bag



  1. Same as the recipe above with the double-boiler situation (glass bowl over boiling water) then add in your chocolate buttons, stir continuously and once melted down add in your chosen extras
  2. Combine and then spoon into your easter egg moulds (remember to add in your dehydrated raspberries and maca nuts if adding these)
  3. Fill to the top of the mould and then pop into the fridge for a few hours or until hard then take out of the mould and repeat the process of making other flavours
  4. Store in an airtight container in the fridge :)

Dehydrated Raspberries


  • Organic frozen raspberries


  1. If you have a dehydrator, use this (I use the Bio Chef Arizona) but just use what you have and if you don't have a dehydrator you can always use your oven
  2. You will want to dehydrate your raspberries for about 24 hours on 55-60c. If using the Arizona Bio Chef dehydrator you can pop the frozen raspberries directly onto the drying sheets and if using an oven simply get a couple of baking trays lined with baking paper and spread out evenly (if using oven be sure to keep checking them every 3-4 hours so you don't overdo it)
  3. It's so easy and stress-free when using the Bio Chef Arizona, I did not even have to check in on them and they turned out perfectly!
  4. Once dehydrated, simply store in an airtight container

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Tips for Using Dehydrated Berries

You can use these in chocolate recipes such as these easter eggs to give a unique look and incredible taste but you can also add to muesli, chia puddings, smoothie bowls, overnight oats (when ready to serve), yoghurt and so much more!

I hope you enjoyed today's recipe and if you love all things Easter and health, be sure to jump over and grab my Healthy Hot Cross Bun recipe here.

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Enjoy! đŸ€€

Tam x

PS: Please share this recipe with your loved ones so we can share the healthy easter recipe love and help us spread the message of good health & vitality! 


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