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Glowing Skin Strawberry Smoothie

Healthy Smoothies, Smoothies -

Glowing Skin Strawberry Smoothie

Who doesn't want skin that glows with radiant health and vibrancy? I don't think anyone would say no to that! 

Considering that our skin is our body's largest organ, it makes sense that what we feed our body internally, will have a huge impact on its condition and overall appearance.

Our skin requires certain nutrients to be at it's best and one way to get in the nourishment it needs is to incorporate a daily healthy skin-loving smoothie into your repertoire! 😊

I'm a big believer in smoothies and if you follow me on Instagram or you already have my new smoothie eBook, you will know I say "Smoothies are Life!". 🙌🏻


I say this because I truly believe this and I know it on a cellular level and it's why I drink smoothies almost! (even when I travel I take a small portable blender and I find fresh ingredients to use, as well as adding supplements).

There are endless benefits to consuming healthy smoothies, the ones you make yourself and the ones where they have the very best ingredients for your gut health, mind, hormones, energy, waistline and happiness. 😃

When you choose a healthy smoothie over let's say, bacon & eggs or a bagel you are setting the tone of your day as positive because with smoothies you are often loaded with live enzymes and food that has a higher vibration/frequency as opposed to bacon or bread, which is lifeless.

Of course, there is always the wrong way to make a smoothie...

If you're adding in icecream, syrups and other things, you'll be defeating the purpose of making something healthful. 🤨

In my opinion, the best smoothies are made on a base of either pure water, coconut water or plant-based milk. Yoghurt can be alright if tolerated well. Dairy is a controversial topic and one I'm not going to get into here today.

Choosing to add things like green veggies to your smoothies can take this meal to a high level because it helps you to increase your daily veggie intake. You can add moringa/matcha, spinach, collard greens, fermented kale, lettuce, zucchini, broccoli, parsley and more! 🥦

Just make sure if you're adding zucchini and broccoli that you've blanched then frozen them or they may be harsh on your digestion.

If you add the right combinations of things to your smoothie, you can barely even taste the veggies I promise! 

If I lost you at broccoli, please come back! You don't have to add broccoli or anything you can't stand the taste of, I'm just inviting you to have an open mind and give new things a try...

Your body may just thank you in some incredible ways. 😉

Adding berries and high antioxidant foods can be a great way to get in your daily 'reds' as they say and this can help our overall health & vitality but also help slow the aging process.

Stuck for Ideas?

Why not grab yourself a copy of my smoothie eBook - 'So Many Perfect Smoothies'? I wrote this for anyone looking to get more goodness into their diet without having to think about how.

The smoothies in the book are very balanced and contain healthy fats, fibre, protein and more!

There are quite a few keto smoothies as well, for those concerned about carbs.

Below is one of the 22 recipes from the book, and it's for anyone who desires to have beautiful skin that glows, but not just that, it will also give you energy, mental clarity and a whole lot more!


Perfect Supplements Australia


Glowing Skin Strawberry 🍓Smoothie

Serves 1





*Keep in mind that while the Plant protein is very gentle on the tummy it doesn’t have the gut-healing element that the Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen does.




Add all of your ingredients to your blender jug and whizz until smooth and creamy. 🤤


Secret Smoothie tip: for a deliciously creamy and smooth smoothie grab a sieve and pour the smoothie through this before serving to remove the gritty bits from the raspberry seeds. 👍🏼


In the book, there are video tutorials, so I actually show you how to make the smoothie as well as teach on the benefits of each ingredient...


Leave a comment if you enjoyed today's blog and recipe or if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

Tam x


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