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Foods That Aids Digestion

Improve Your Metabolism

There are no short cuts to losing weight, just like in any job, you must work your way out to get to the top. Have a goal and make changes in your lifestyle and diet in order to improve your metabolism and start living a healthy life. Regular exercise and getting enough rest and sleep is one way to improve your food digestion rate excellently. However, there are foods too which are beneficial for you as you aim to boost your metabolism and achieve the ideal body weight , here’s a list on how you can improve digestion naturally.

What Are These Foods?

  • Brown Rice And Oats

Loaded with nutrients and complex carbohydrates, brown rice and oats helps boost the rate of metabolism by maintaining normal insulin levels. Both provides long lasting energy without the spikes associated with other foods of this nature.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is a powerful weight reducer, it is high in calcium, vitamin A, C and K. One serve of broccoli can give you heaps of dietary fibre, folate and antioxidants which are beneficial to the body. Add broccoli to your diet and detoxify naturally.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is known to many people as a drink that helps fight against diseases. Unlike other teas, high quality green tea can usually be found in natural or organic shops and not commonly found in the supermarket. Its high nutritional benefits are without a doubt undisputed. It is slowly gaining popularity not only in Asia but around the world. Research conducted on green tea shows–it can speed up the oxidation of fats boosting the metabolism of a person. Aside from fast metabolism, green tea contains powerful antioxidants which prevent the growth of cancer cells and heart disorders.

  • Apple and Pears

Apple and pears can boost the metabolism and helps speed up the rate of weight loss. In a recent study, women who ate apple at least three times daily lose more weight than those who didn’t. Have an apple and a pear a day to improve your body’s metabolism.

  • Foods High In Omega 3

Boost your metabolism by consuming Omega 3 rich foods. Omega 3 decreases leptin production, a hormone responsible for the reduction of the rate of food digestion and thereby increases metabolism rate.

foods that aids digestion


You Can Also Improve Digestion Through The Following:

  • Eating fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to increase rate of metabolism and to maintain a healthy body weight. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet like avocado, edamame, spinach. Nuts and legumes are also great.
  • Increase fluid intake by drinking lots of water to encourage the passage of waste and to help soften stools. Avoid caffeinated drinks as this can cause heartburn and ensure that you drink a glass of water with every meal.
  • Fibre is also an excellent way to prevent constipation and improve digestion. Fibre rich sources include fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread, brown rice, beans and oats.
  • Cut down on fatty and greasy foods for a healthy gut.
  • I do love eating spicy foods (especially chillies!) and eating chilli can really speed up your metabolism big time.
  • Grass powders are really great for digestion (especially when they’ve been fermented). I really love the Perfect 3 Grass Blend by the Perfect Supplements because it’s a blend of Wheatgrass, Barley grass and Oatgrass. I just add a bit to either juice or my smoothie and it really helps me go to the loo.
  • The other things that help to keep my body regular are incorporating Spirulina and Chlorella into my diet. I use the Perfect Spirulina powder in my green smoothies and take the Perfect Chlorella capsules daily. These products are all organic and grown in a pollution-free zone so they are of the purest quality.
  • Last but not least, I add some plant protein to my smoothie but not just any old protein and ESPECIALLY not a protein isolate formula as these can be harmful. Again, I choose the Perfect Plant Protein by Perfect Supplements because it is Organic, nothing artificial for my body and contains digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  • Drink lots of pure water but not too much when you’re eating a meal as it can ‘flood’ your digestion. It’s better to just take small sips of water or green tea when you’re eating.
  • Take raw apple cider vinegar half an hour before meals as this stimulates digestion.
  • Keep calm and relaxed around meal times and eating as any stress can negatively affect your digestive process. I always try to keep conversation light around times of consuming food.
  • Regular  exercise can help with healthy digestion as it helps to regulate all of your body’s processes, so even if you only have time for just ten minutes, go for a walk or grab yourself a skipping rope and jump for 5-10 minutes. Not only will you feel amazing but you’ll be going to the loo more and we all like to be regular.

Well that’s about it today, I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you did, please share it with your friends and family on social media, we’d sure appreciate it.



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