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Dry July and Supporting Cancer Survivors

Why Go Dry for July?

I’ve been indulging in a few too many glasses of red over the past few months and it’s funny because at the beginning of the year I went cold-turkey off alcohol for at least 3 months. But when you’ve been in the habit of drinking wine (and through the week I might add), the thought of going completely dry and I can start to feel beads of sweat on the back of my neck.

I am being a tad dramatic in case you didn’t know me, but it is still a challenge and one of the reasons (though not the only reason) I decided to go Dry for July and join the cause. It’s funny, because in the past few years I’d heard people talk about Dry July and I though it was just some trend to go alcohol-free for the month of July or perhaps a detox thing. Turns out, that it is actually an actual thing, a fund-raising cause to help support people who’ve been affected by cancer.

These days, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t been affected by cancer and I too watched my mum go through it last year (thyroid cancer) so it’s close to my heart also.

So first up, I thought about doing this for my own health and to inspire others to get healthier but after doing some googling I discovered I could really make a difference and I didn’t hesitate to sign up!

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To get the ball rolling, I donated $50 to my campaign (can you call it that?) and I posted it on my Facebook page and will put it in my weekly newsletter the first week of July. So now the pressure is on to reach my target of $500 (if you’d like to help me reach it please click here). But also the pressure is on to actually complete this task because I LOVE wine but I also know I can do it and have done similar stints before.

I also have the pressure to finish this very blog and the pressure to get my newsletter out first week of July (that’s a lot of pressure LOL), nut hey, it’s the least I can do to be able to support a fellow human in their time of need!

The Purpose of Dry July

Well as mentioned, Dry July is a great cause to support but you also can get healthier in the process and this will make you happier too and when we are happier, we are better to be around and it helps to create a happier, kinder and more compassionate planet. The list of charities who the money goes to you can see also (for your state) and the great part is, you get to choose which one you’d like to support.

Let me tell you about the one that I chose…

Look Good Feel Better

This year I’m choosing ‘Look Good Feel Better‘. This foundation is a free national community program that’s dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. This program is open to anyone undergoing cancer treatment for any type of cancer.

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The average number of cancer patients who attend their workshops (work shops run by Look Good Feel Better), is a staggering 10,000 each year so you can see why they need your support. They need all of our support! The reason they need support from kind people such as yourself (and myself) is because unfortunately there is no government funding so this foundation relies upon generous donations.

Dry July is a great opportunity to give generously and if you don’t want to give up the booze, then please dig deep and give to campaigns such as mine and help me raise $500+ for this wonderful charity. If you missed the link, you can give here. Thank you. ♥

The reason I’ve chosen this one is because if I were in that same position, and had to lose my hair I’d be absolutely devastated!! My heart really goes out to anyone having to go through this. Losing your hair should be a choice and for people going through cancer treatment, that choice is taken away from them :'(

I feel like a big part of our identity and our self-confidence is wrapped up in the way we look and feel about our appearance. You know yourself, how good you feel when you’ve just been to the hairdresser and had a hair cut/style, you walk out of there feeling a million bucks! And what about when you go shopping and find the perfect outfit, well you just can’t wait to show it off!

That’s because you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror and again this is why I chose this foundation, because they help people to feel beautiful again, to feel handsome again and after going through cancer treatment I believe it would offer a great deal of hope and support.

I was also inspired when I went onto the Dry July website , by the many stories I read about people who found out they had cancer. The stories of how scared they felt to lose their hair but then the positivity that came from finding ‘Look Good feel Better’ work shops. These work shops are truly such a wonderful gift for these people.

Want to Get Involved Yourself?

You too can help in supporting these people by signing up for the challenge, going booze-free for July and help to raise the funds needed to keep this amazing foundation going and put more smiles on faces. You can sign up here.

Want to Give but Not Sure You Could Last the Distance?

Maybe you really want to give but you just can’t handle the thought of having to ditch Friday drinks or that Sunday sesh? Well you can still give generously! Help me to reach my target and donate to my campaign here. I am aiming for $500 but if we could raise more that would be even better!

The great thing though if you do sign up to do the Dry July challenge yourself, you will get to choose which charity you’d like the money to go to.

Thanks for reading this blog today, I really hope this inspires you to dig deep and give to this great cause.

Tam x

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